How to check user account size

I would like to know how many space is really used per user.
Does anyone know how to do that? (if possible in the webinterface).
I use Owncloud 7



ownCloud 7.0 as well as 8.0 are end-of-life, unsupported and containing known security vulnerabilities which are not fixed. You REALLY shouldn't use this versions on a productive system.

If you upgrade to a recent version like 9.1.3 you can use e.g.:

oke thanks i will do that, does the newest version have the possibility to see how much diskspace a user is using?

You can use the app mentioned above for that.

thanks for you answer!

If you don't want to install an app (or it's not compatible with your version), you can do it via terminal.

cd /path/to/owncloud/data
du --max-depth=1 -h
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