How to configure IP address and port?

How do I enable users to connect to the Owncloud server using the
server’s IP address and port 8080? In the admin guide step that says Configure Caching and File Locking, do I replace the IP address and port that ownCloud provided with my own or is there another way to do that:

I’m a beginner, obviously. Thanks in advance for your help.

I think I might have found the answer. Is it by using the Apache listen directive as described here:

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I guess you are using the ownCloud docker container. Please just put a HTTPS terminating proxy in front of it. You don’t want to connect to your ownCloud unencrypted.

You can use Caddy or Traefik or even just Nginx.

Finally, this is all just a guess, as you didn’t fill out the template I can’t know how you actually installed your ownCloud…

This is totally unrelated.

Check your current apache installation configuration and adjust it to listen on the port you need it on. However in docker everything is little more complicated, just in case you are using it.

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