How to convert local file system to s3 file system?


we have 1000 gb of data in owncloud which we want to migrate it to aws server with s3 as storage, Now how to convert the 1000 gb of data in owncloud to amazon s3 ?

You can use rsync or the s3 sync.
I recommend to setup a fresh installation of ownCloud at first, looking that the existing one has the same version, syncing all data and add the database dump of your ownCloud instance.
After that ownCloud should run on aws with S3.

Skriesch Thanks for the reply, i have tried the above method you didn't mention how to configure s3 with owncloud. Please provide me a details for configuring s3 and how to convert local file system to s3 file system.

Here is a S3 manual for ownCloud. How to sync data is described in the link above.

It will be helpful if we get a method to add s3 as a primary storage and what are parameters to be added in config.php for s3 configuration ?

I found a old manual about S3 as primary Storage. Perhaps this can help you...

and one more help, after configuring s3 am unable to share files in s3. It says resharing is not allowed , how to solve this ?

Now able to share, just enable sharing option, Thanks