How to create a caldav client and send appointment to ownCloud?

I use a database app that manages appointments for physiotherapy. I want to synchronize some of these appointments to my ownCloud Server.
I tried to write directly into the database, but that did’t work very reliable (somtimes the appointments where not sync’ed with mobile devices).
Now I’ve searched the web for some guide to write a minimal caldav client.I only found results about how to CONFIGURE an existing caldav client, but I have to DEVELOP my own. … Well, just a minimal one.
It should insert, update and delete appointments in a calendar that contains only its “own” items.
It should run on a small synology server and post appointments to a remote ownCloud server.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Unfortunately you didn’t tell, where you have been already. However, a good starting point is here: Building a CalDAV client


Are you using Android?
Then it might be possible to use the app “Ical Import/Export” to map such a workaround.

Somewhere there was something about TAGs that can be considered during syncronization.

No, I want to write a server routine, that runs every hour or so and synchronizes calendar items from my therapy-database to the ownCloud server.
As I said, I tried to do a direct “database to database” synchronization via triggers or sql procedures, but that only works, if both databases are on the same server.
Moreover: The synchronization from the ownCloud to mobile devices fails frequently and I had the suspicion, that this happens because something is missing, if I write directly to the db.

@alfredb: Thanks, thas was just, what I was looking for.:grinning: … though it seems a lot more work than I had hoped for :wink: