How to define a folder to be auto-synced in Android?

Hi - I am not sure if I understood how to define a folder for automatic syncing. I understood the “auto sync photos/videos” in Settings, but can I do the same for an arbitrary folder, say Documents on my phone?
i.e., whenever there is a new file/modified file on my phone, it should automatically upload it to the server?

Hi @tkalfaoglu! Thanks for posting here!

At the moment, we don’t have that feature you’re asking for. But it has already been requested, as you can see in [FEATURE REQUEST] - Folder synchronization from Android client · Issue #4221 · owncloud/android · GitHub or [FEATURE REQUEST] Allow auto upload of more than just images and videos, without a limit of one per · Issue #3895 · owncloud/android · GitHub, so it is in our future roadmap for sure :slight_smile:. If you wanna keep track of our progress there, you can subscribe to notifications in those issues.

Thanks! :beers:

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