How to delete a single .wav file from one of several corpora?

Expected behaviour

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Find a simple way to delete a file (.wav) or two from an existing corpora on OwnCloud.

Actual behaviour

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No intuitive way to delete a file (.wav)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Find a delete function
  2. Select files to be deleted.
  3. Delete files

Server configuration

Operating system: Windows 10

Web server:


PHP version:

ownCloud version:

Storage backend (external storage):

Client configuration

Client version:

Operating system:

OS language:

Qt version used by client package (Linux only, see also Settings dialog):

Client package (From ownCloud or distro) (Linux only):

Installation path of client:


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Template for output < 10 lines

  1. Client logfile: Output of owncloud --logwindow or owncloud --logfile log.txt
    (On Windows using cmd.exe, you might need to first cd into the ownCloud directory)
    (See also )

  2. Web server error log:

  3. Server logfile: ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log):

I don’t see where the problem is? You search for the files to be deleted, there must be a way to do that in Windows Explorer and then you select and delete them.

Like you said in the steps to reproduce, but then you did not say what is not working (?)…

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Hi Erik,

Thanks for your reply.

My problem is I wanted to delete the files directly from OwnCloud.

Is this possible? If so, please describe how.

This is not possible. The ownCloud client is a sync client, not a file manager. You will have to use your operating system’s file manager to add/remove files.

Note that you can always open the sync folder, when you select your connection in the top bar and click the three dots on the right side. There the first entry says “Open folder”.