How to disable favorite star in files menu

Hello, this is DS.
I want to ask about favorite star in files menu.
The point is, I want disable or delete “star icon” in files menu.
I searched web yesterday, it couldn’t.
Is it right? I can’t disable “star icon” in files menu?
tell me please.

owncloud ver : 10.0.10
versionstring 10.0.10
install condition : NEW(fresh install), linux package installed

OS : ubuntu 16.04
php : PHP 7.0.32-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 (cli) ( NTS )

customize nothing. just fresh install

You’re right, I think it’s not possible, at least not without modifying the code. An this is not a good idea. :wink:

Just for curiosity: Why want to get rid of the favorite feature?

hello alfredb.
in mobile chrome.(my mobile is LG v30)
when login with my ID, just connect files menu in vertical screen mode.
in this time, I can’t see all of the file name or just few chars… (ex : ☆fa… … )
I think, if I remove that star icon, I can see more.
just that reason. nothing special. :slight_smile:
thanks for reply

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