How to Disable server side Encryption?


I use OC since 3 years. I had lot of issues and all were relative to ENCRYPTION. Today, I realize that encryption is very risky, more negative points than positive. I prefer that an admin might have a look into my data than simply loosing my data.

So how can I safely disable the encryption?

I guess all the data will have to be uncrypted? then the database will have to be updated too.
I have 3Tb of data. Its a huge work, lot of time.
Is there a minimum amount of free space disk during the process?
What are the points to check?



there are some notes on how to disable encryption in [1] as well information how to decrypt files back in [2] and [3] (Keyword: encryption:decrypt-all).

If it is safe is probably something you need to find out. Making good backups is mandatory before trying to do anything with the encryption app.




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Thanks again @kljhlkhglklfgh

I'am currently doing the decrypt, user by user.
For the moment, no major issues, except it is verrrryyyyy loooonnnng.

I have entered single user mode. So all my collaborators have to wait.... too long!
I have no exact idea how much time it will take to decrypt all the file?

1) is there a method to know how much files remain? Maybe a query in the database?

2) can I do the decrypt with several steps? i.e. do it at night, then come back to normal mode in the morning, even if decrypt-all is not finished?

3) If I restart decrypt-all, will occ start where it has stopped?

To come back in normal mode, I have understood that I have to re-active encryption mode.

4) Is the user able to access both (already)decrypted and (still)encrypted files?

5) If the user updates/creates files during the day, I guess these files will be encrypted, even if they have already been decrypted during last decrypt-all?

6) If I relaunch occ decryp-all, will it decrypt the new/modified files?

One important thing to have in mind before starting this procedure: at the end of the decrypt-all, the client will start to reload ALL the files. I say "ALL".
So it took 6 days for me to decrypt all the files.
Now it gonna take 1 month to reload ALL. And for some of my collaborators, it's several months.
In the mean time, many conflicts might occur because we are going to continue to work, modify files. So when the client reload one file and see it has changed, a conflict occurs.

This is not documented and seems to be a bug :