How to display metadata on photos

Hello everyone,

I installed the Gallery app on my Owncloud (latest version until now).

Below I paste my gallery.cnf file
#Galllery configuration file
type: date

and that is what I get

I’d like to know whether is possible to show metadata on my photos, for instances the camera model, time of creation… etc .
And if I can set something for broswing images.

Is that possible?

Currently there is no way to do this.

Edit: there is already a Feature Request

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Doesn’t exists anything for serching by name too?

Something like a textbox to type and get the matching file name.

apparently not

Maybe a user in this forum will write you in a few days, if he has more knowledge than me, maybe not.

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DATEBITS=( $(exiftool -CreateDate -FileModifyDate -DateTimeOriginal “$IMGFILE” |
awk -F: ‘{ print $2 “:” $3 “:” $4 “:” $5 “:” $6 }’ | sed ‘s/+[0-9]*//’ | sort | grep -v 1970: | cut -d: -f1-6 | tr ‘:’ ’ ’ | head -1))

echo " day: $DAY - $MTH - $YR "
echo " time: $HR : $MIN : $SEC "

Now I got the way to get the exif data, now I intend to modify owncloud php in order to display that result do you reckon a good Idea or not?


I don’t have any idea in programming, so - no :smiley:

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Now I noticed I could use tag on folder as identifier

Could you make a screen shot?

If you have found a workaround around ownCloud current image handling this could be interesting for other users.

on the right

below the image

you can assign tags

this involve the files app

you can click on the magnifier and type the tag name

then you’ll get the images with that tag

I’ve found this app, I hope works for owncloud too

I’m not practical with git, the only thing I did was

git clone and then I got a folder

then I down know how to install because of this readme that doesn’t help me


Build Status

A Nextcloud plugin which displays file metadata in the file details sidebar. Currently, the supported file types include:

  • audio/flac (VorbisComment)
  • audio/mp4 (QuickTime)
  • audio/mpeg (ID3v1 and ID3v2)
  • audio/ogg (VorbisComment)
  • audio/wav (RIFF)
  • image/jpeg (EXIF, XMP-dc, XMP-mwg-rs, XMP-digiKam TagsList)
  • image/tiff (EXIF, XMP-dc, XMP-mwg-rs, XMP-digiKam TagsList)
  • video/mp4 (QuickTime)
  • video/quicktime (QuickTime)
  • video/x-matroska (Matroska)

Support for other formats may be implemented in future releases (feel free to make feature requests).


  • PHP 5.6 or later (tested with 7.0, 7.1)
  • EXIF support for PHP (if php --ri exif returns Extension 'exif' not present, you might need to install an appropriate package for your system, e.g. by running pkg install php71-exif on FreeBSD/NAS4Free)
    [root@SRV-LAB-CLD-01 nextcloud-metadata]# ls
    appinfo css l10n LICENSE screenshots js lib tests

I am confused, did you change the code of the gallery app or changed the nextcloud app or both? :slight_smile:


No in this case I used the tag
0-macchina on the image.

Typing 0-macchina i get all the photos tagged with this tag.

But this doesn’t involve gallery, but file

You get It?

The application is external and developed by someone I don’t know and I cannot figure out how to install, that’s why I posted

the next cloud plugin for metadata is not working on owncloud the system reports consistency error on plugin