How to Downgrade from 10 to 9

I did the admin auto update from 9 to 10 and now OwnCloud doesn’t work as it says it requires PHP5.6 but I only have PHP 5.5.9

Please can a check be added BEFORE it attempts to upgrade, (for those future poor souls unfortunate enough to encounter this) but more importantly, can someone explain how I can downgrade back to the 9.* version? (I have full access to the server to add/remove files but no I can’t upgrade PHP)


Do you have shh access?

Downgrading is officially not supported.

As said, downgrading isn’t officially supported. Nevertheless, taking into account that the upgrade was aborted and it didn’t execute anything (as far as it seems), you might be able to restore the previous version.

If you can’t rollback to the previous version, you could either replace the all the code from 10 to 9, or install the same 9 version in another place. Keep in mind that the config and data folder in ownCloud MUST be the same, so don’t delete those folders.

Let me remark again:

  • This is NOT supported
  • This might break your installation, so be prepared in advance
  • Be careful and know what you’re doing before attempting to do something risky
  • The only reason you MIGHT pull it off is because no upgrade routine should have been executed yet

Yep, I have SSH access.

I’ll investigate what actually occured… (the upgrade definitely didn’t complete so maybe I just need to use the v9 files…)

To cut a long story short - it completely blew away any working copy.

I deleted and started again.

I am not a happy bunny.