How to download file with User and Password


Currently, I have my shared files blocked by password, but I need these files to be blocked by username and password.

It’s possible?


I don’t think so.

Maybe the guests app is what you are looking for?

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I do not know what the guest app.

What I need is to enable the user field in the download screen, or to know if there is any way to develop that field.

The guest app is a way to share access to your ownCloud files to someone who does not have an account on your ownCloud.

You send an invitation via email and he then chooses a password.
Then, in order to get access to the files you shared with that user, he has to enter his username and password.

Your current method does not allow a username field. The password protection for public links works without username.

If you want to share files with proper users, just use a normal share, not a public share?? Please make your requirements clearer.

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I need share files with anonymous users. And this anonymous user, must write user and password to download the file


You can ask for a user, a password, an email, a telephone number, a credit card number and a soul. Is it useful to ask for all that information that you won’t be able to verify it? What advantages has asking for such information instead of just a password?
I don’t see any reason.

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I hope you can appreciate how this makes 0 sense. Anonymous, but a known set of credentials.

Because it is mandatory in my country, that the download has a username and password

What country are you live in?

Spain. Why? It isnt important.

I did not know of such restrictions in spain.

If for legal reasons you don’t want your users to provide anonymous link, you can disable the feature and force them to share with an ownCloud account or a guest account (with the guests app)

Again, asking for a username in an anonymous link is useless because you won’t able to verify anything, and it won’t be better than using just a password.

It is not possible, I need to send a link, which upon login validates my username and password. I can not share the data and it appears in the profile of the new user.

Is there no other possibility to share a file with username and password?

I think Tom said it best

But it does not work for me, I need to be able to download the file from a URL that asks for a username and password to download. I do not need to share files between users of owncloud.

Then there is no possible way to do this in ownCloud

OMG, and with another platform? Can you say me any exmaple please?

This is an ownCloud forum. If you want help with ownCloud we can try to help you.

Writing “OMG” and creating duplicate post just because people said that you can’t do the things you want to do won’t help you.