How to enable Full text Search

How to enable Full Text Search?
My version is 10.
In this page: has the information that is optional the “Full Text Search”. But I was not able to configure / enable it.

I did a quick google search “owncloud full text search”

First hit

with solution:

why haven’t you tried a simple google search?

Yes, I did the research, I even found this forum by Google.

But the link you marked as a response,, show several apps for the oc, but I saw no solution, you even opened the link?

I don’t understand what is unclear about this sentence that I quoted before.

I just found out more: Optional means:

“If a enterprise customer wants that feature, he has to pay for it.”

I thought as might have you, that it means:

“You can download something that will enable this search”

Now we both know more :slight_smile:

It was that I imagined, that I would need to download and install something, as I am new to the tool, I thought you already knew something of the type.
I am with a new project, this resource would be very important for me, depending on the value, until I would pay to develop.
Other people could help and develop something open-source.

New Info: In ca 2 weeks we will have a feature that enables full text search for community and enterprise users. So if you can wait so long, you will have it.


What wonderful news, I will be waiting anxiously, thanks for the information.

You’re welcome. Sorry that I confused you. I did not have all the information at the time.

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How can I use this feature. I just migrated to owncloud 10.1 in order to be php7.2 compliant.


according to a post of @dmitry in another thread about the same topic this functionality seems to be not available yet:


any news about the “full text search” in OC Version 10.
I run ownCloud version 10.1.1 (stable) and it seems like there is no full text search.
If there is please let me know how to activate this. thx in advance.

Regards Alex

Use the search = save time and effort

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Dear dimity,

thx for this fast answer and solution. This implicates, that the server must be capable of running elastic server. A simple hosting from an ISP does not work than. Ist this correct? Is there another solution?