How to enable Full text Search



How to enable Full Text Search?
My version is 10.
In this page: has the information that is optional the “Full Text Search”. But I was not able to configure / enable it.


I did a quick google search “owncloud full text search”

First hit

with solution:

why haven’t you tried a simple google search?


Yes, I did the research, I even found this forum by Google.

But the link you marked as a response,, show several apps for the oc, but I saw no solution, you even opened the link?


I don’t understand what is unclear about this sentence that I quoted before.


I just found out more: Optional means:

“If a enterprise customer wants that feature, he has to pay for it.”

I thought as might have you, that it means:

“You can download something that will enable this search”

Now we both know more :slight_smile:


It was that I imagined, that I would need to download and install something, as I am new to the tool, I thought you already knew something of the type.
I am with a new project, this resource would be very important for me, depending on the value, until I would pay to develop.
Other people could help and develop something open-source.


New Info: In ca 2 weeks we will have a feature that enables full text search for community and enterprise users. So if you can wait so long, you will have it.

FullTextSearch app in owncloud 10.0.10

What wonderful news, I will be waiting anxiously, thanks for the information.


You’re welcome. Sorry that I confused you. I did not have all the information at the time.


How can I use this feature. I just migrated to owncloud 10.1 in order to be php7.2 compliant.



according to a post of @dmitry in another thread about the same topic this functionality seems to be not available yet: