How to execute maintenance commands on 1&1 webspace

Dear Users,

I would like to upgrade my working installation of 9.0.1 to 9.1.8. Therefore I have to execute some maintenance commands like “sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:mode --on” on my installation.
The installation runs on our 1&1 webspace, but I can’t figure out how to execute these commandos on the webserver.
If someone could give me any advice, please.


I’m afraid, this is not possible on this type of hosting.

Hi and thank you for the reply.

That’s bad news. I wanted to update, because there is no backup function for contacts in 9.0.
Do you know how I could do a backup?


And in v10 there is? Could you explain?

BTW, I’m using the download feature for backing up contacts & calendars.

I read somewhere that it is possible in 9.1 and up.
Could you please explain how to use the download feature. I didn’t find it.


I’m using a script for downloading all my contacts.

Hm, don’t know how to get that.

Hey, from what i can see in the documentation you can also enable the maintenance mode within the config.php: