How to fetch group from zimbra ldap

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Steps to reproduce
1. ldap connection done with zimbra ldap
2. login to admin
3. users

Expected behaviour
I wanted to get user list of a particular group

Actual behaviour
Its showing all the users along with distribution list. Actually its a problem of Zimbra ldap ( No group is created separately).

Server configuration
Operating system: Centos 6
Web server: Apache
Database: MySql
PHP version:
ownCloud version (see ownCloud admin page): 9.1
Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: fresh install
Special configuration (external storage, external authentication, reverse proxy, server-side-encryption):No

Is there a workaround to solve the issue. The problem is same as specified in following topic.
But I could not access the files to check the solution.

Is there a way to get the mentioned files in the above post (Old forum) or any new solution will be highly appreciated.


same problem here,
Owncloud can show all the zimbra group(distribution list), but no members.
even I tried to assign the user to some groups, but it will disappear when refresh.

Why don't you have access to the files?
Have you got sudo permissions? Which message do you get?

We have this problem as well. The files for patching owncloud to allow LDAP group membership with Zimbra add gone now that the old owncloud-forum is closed. Do anyone have the files for patching and can post them to the new forum or put them up on GitHub? Files are "group_ldap.php" "wizard.php" "settings.php"... I see that user @swoffel have posted these files in the old forum, or maybe @voytoo can fetch files from the old forum?

We have got the old ownCloud forum in inactive mode for such problems. But you can't use the search any more. Do you know the special topic of the old thread in the forum?

We need the files from this post:

When I click to download any of the 3 files I get the message "The requested file was not found and will never appear now that the forums have been archived. Sorry." Do you have the files?

Just to be clear, the forum post is accessible but the files attached to the post can not be downloaded due to the fact that the forum is closed. @skriesch do you know any way we can get the following files?

I try it. I can't find the files on the (old) forum system any more.
I have to ask an admin with experience about the old time after backups of the system. But this person is on vacation at the moment.

Here we go again:

(Of course you have to remove the .txt extension) :slight_smile:

group_ldap.php.txt (29.0 KB)
settings.php.txt (14.4 KB)
Readme.txt (563 Bytes)
wizard.php.txt (38.5 KB)

And the instruction for the files, if will be shutdown any time:
1. Backup ../apps/user_ldap !!!!!
2. Decompress the attached file and replace the following files in the user_ldap directory:
3. In ownCloud go to the LDAP settings, "Groups" tab. As LDAP query use: (objectclass=zimbraDistributionList)
4. go to Advanced and select zimbraMailForwardingAddress as Group-Member association.
5. got to Expert and type uid as UUID

  1. If something went wrong, replace ../apps/user_ldap with your backup.

Hello @skriesch,
I followed your instructions, but at step 2:

I don't have the file "group_ldap.php" at folder: .../apps/user_ldap instead of ../apps/user_ldap/lib/Group_LDAP.php

In my server, we have:


OS version: Ubuntu 16.04.1
My Owncloud Version: 9.1
LDAP user and group backend version: 0.9.0

Could you please help to fetch group from zimbra LDAP.

Thanks all.


Has anyone had experience about this?