How to fix Update/Upgrade issues


Problem 1:

I just have updated my installation but the yellow banner “ownCloud x.x.x is available. Get more information on how to update” is shown even my admin panel is shown that i’m on the newest version.

Solution 1:

This message is cached and will disappear after some time.

Problem 2:

OMG!!! WTF??? My update / upgrade to a newer version of ownCloud failed!!!1111

Solution 2:

There are several steps to check:

  1. Direct upgrades from e.g. OC5 to OC7 are NOT supported and will cause such issues. An example upgrade path is: OC 5.0.7 -> latest OC 5.0.x -> latest OC 6.0.x -> latest OC 7.0.x

  2. Mixing different repositories/packages (e.g. the one of debian/ubuntu and the one provided on are not compatible

  3. When upgrading from one major version to another (e.g. OC6 to OC7) make sure that you’re following this directives:

  4. Try to set maintenance mode to false as described here:


  1. Check your logfiles like described here: How to find webserver or OC logfile / enable php logfile for further info about your update/upgrade issue

  2. If you’re seeing any SQL Exceptions in your logfiles of 6.) please directly fill out a bugreport like described here: I want to report a bug for ownCloud

  3. If you have used the updater app try to use the manual steps as described here:

  4. Make sure that all files and folders are owned by the user which is running your webserver / PHP process (hint: chmod / chown)