How to get direct download link for publicly share file? (ocis)

I’ve just installed OCIS and I’m trying to link to a publicly shared file directly, but it doesn’t seem to work.

On previous ownCloud, one could append /download to the share link, but that feature doesn’t seem to work anymore.

You need more details…
What version of ownclowd?
I just tried your thing (adding /download) in 10.6 stable and it worked perfect.

The issue is about ownCloud Infinitescale not ownCloud 10.

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I’m talking about ownCloud Infinite Scale version 4.0.2.


I’m not sure why the /download feature isn’t working for you in OCIS. However, you can still link to a publicly shared file directly by using the following format:

https :// <your-ocis-domain>/index.php/s/<public-share-link>/download

For example, if your OCIS domain is and the public share link is 1234567890, then you would link to the file as follows:

I hope this helps!

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