How to get feature X into ownCloud?

You want to get a specific feature into ownCloud.

There are several steps possible:

  1. First check that such a feature doesn’t exist at one of the following pages: (ownCloud 8.2 Features) (ownCloud Documentation) (Apps which extends the Functionality of ownCloud)

  2. Check the bugtracker if your feature is already requested: (ownCloud core) (ownCloud apps) (ownCloud Sync-Client) (Calendar app) (Contacts app) (Overview of all ownCloud Repositories)

  3. ownCloud is OpenSource. If you’re a developer implement the feature yourself. First steps are available at:
    You could also ask at the developers mailinglist:
    or at the IRC channel #owncloud-dev at freenode

  4. Search for a developer . See Step 3. for some links.

  5. Request a feature at the bugtracker. See Step 2. for some links.