How to get old apps (contacts, calendar)



Where do I download old apps (calendar and contacts) for Server version < 9. My problem is that I cannot upgrade my OS and PHP so I am stuck with Owncloud version 8.1.12. That is no problem because it’s running fine is used in an internal network only.

Yes I know that old version are no longer maintained but I am hoping that at least some archive or repo of prior releases is available.



If everything is running fine, I would backup the apps into zip or tar files, and keep them in a safe place.

Theoretically you could download old stuff from github, but without valid signatures (I assume).


Sorry for my late response.
I had some issues with server version 7 so I’ve upgraded from 7 to 8 and now the apps calendar and contacts are missing. I’d like to reinstall them but found no repo for old apps. I’ve tried to install calendar from the archived work at Info there was “ownCloud 8.2 will be last version to ship this codebase.” so I thought being in luck. Unfortunately even that codebase requires server version 9 and I have no idea how to checkout older versions for calendar or contacts app.



You did this without a backup? I’m afraid you’re lost, at least for the apps.


My data are backuped and safe. I didn’t see any reason why I should backup the server itself with its apps.

The apps are gone because Owncloud distributed version 8 without calendar and contacts apps (as they are community apps). Many people went into this trap and had to install the apps afterwards. But now the apps seem to be not available anymore.

Thanks for your support


I just sent a PM with links to both apps from an old installation of ownCloud 8.1.12. Hope that helps.


Well, I see a reason: Using a very old version, unsupported since long time ago. Then it’s IMHO my own responsibility, in order to keep the system in its state.



Great. You made my day. It’s working now again. Thank you very much.


Glad I could help :slight_smile: