How to get old files back to owncloud

i had an old server with owncloud and now bought another server installed owncloud on it and now i want to add my old files to it i have a backup of my old owncloud folder and i tried copying /owncloud/data/user folder from old one to new one but files didnt appear i searchd and found out that there is a metadata in database
how can i fix it
i have slow network so i cant upload it again

You should run occ files:scan command:

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so i did it but now when i try to drag something it says i dont have permission any ideas?


i think you could try to scroll to the top of the previously provided documentation to see the following which could help:

please make sure your web deamon user has access permission to that folder.

Follow the backup / restore procedure?

none of them helped i always run it as http user
then backup and restore cant help because i dont have my old server but thanks for the help
i didnt understand what karakayasemi said
deamon user? you mean the user im running owncloud with?

The account which the web service is running e.g. www-data on a debian system with apache2 -> apache2 may run as user www-data.

so yes it has full permission

If you have not a database export you can’t restore the data regarding to the files, in my opinion, but not sure

If you’ve red the processes you it’s verry simple:
Copy Filestore from OC & export database
Copy Filestore to OC & import database

but he problem is i dont have my old server and i didnt backed up my dbs

I reviewed the history and filescan from the 1st post may be your friend but I never used this till yet. It’s also new to me.