How to have a big Data storage?


How can I use multiple storages to build one owncloud server? I don’t find topics here or threads on Internet about this topic and I really need to build a Owncloud server for all my 300 users.

So there is 2 possibilities:

  • I choose one storage for the datadirectory : done. What is the maximum size? Is a 10 TB drive a real possibility?

  • Or I have an NFS. I could use a NAS. Could I? How do we use multiple hard drives to build the ONE storage that we mount in the owncloud server to use as datadirectory?

I have two ESX hosts, each has 5TB storage available for the Owncloud VMWare virtual server. Should I just create one big datastore and create a disk on this big 10TB datastore and add it to the Owncloud server?

Isn’t there a better option? The NFS looks good, modular, … but how do we create a NFS server from several storages to make one big storage available for the Owncloud datadirectory?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions or your raw toughts.