How to hide server address url on home window for Desktop client

Recently I have started working on owncloud server, client (android and Windows). Already I build client version for windows, but I want to change Connection wizard window and hide server url from front end.
Can anyone help me how can I change GUI and source for this.


So you want a "custom" client.

When ppl install this on their system, for example windows. They only have to enter the user name and password, but not the server address, right?

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Exactly i want this. :slight_smile:

This is unfortunately an enterprise feature.

Actually I wants to customize the source for this feature. Can you help me!

No, I can't, because it is an enterprise feature.

Hey @syefulislam, thank you for your interest in ownCloud!

Check this old answer on central on this topic: - of course, you can easily go ahead and modify the source code by yourself!

If you need further branding options you could try ownBrander (part of the OC Enterprise Ed. perks) to do so, it's way more comprehensive than modifying the code and abstracts all that work for you :smiley: