How to I upload the whole of my Camera Roll with the iOS app?

Much like the topic says. On the iPhone OwnCloud app how do you upload all of the camera roll? I seem to be missing something.

I have 5 more devices to backup.


Tap “+” button on the top right, choose “Upload from your photo library”, choose “Recents” album, then tap “Select all” on the bottom.

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Hi @michaelstingl - great thanks for your help.

This would be exactly what I need but I see no “Select all” button. I can only select single pictures - not feasible for >2500 pictures
iPhone X, IOS 14.41, OC 11.5.2 188

Sadly, iOS 14 native image selector no longer comes with a “Select all” button. Would need a new “Upload Album” feature.


Thank you for your quick reply. A different approch would be to be able to mark the pix on the iphone as “new” from the view of OC. I had downloaded them via InstantUpload once but by one stupid click from me deleted them all on the PC. So OC does not see them as “new” anymore I guess. The upload function works perfectly with newe fotos.
Any ideas where this “already uploaded” mark is placed and how I could delete it?

I could imagine adding one-time actions to the “Media Upload” Settings.

  • Upload All Images from Camera Roll
  • Upload Images from Camera Roll starting from a specific date

What do you think?


Thank you Michael, good contribution and yes that works.

  • Hit “+” on the top
  • Hit “Upload from foto mediathek”
  • Add e.g. “2019” into the search line
  • get shown a selection of all your fotos
    … but you still have to mark all the pictures that turn up in your selection one by one.

And yes I support creating these functions in the App itself!

Thanks for your assistance!
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