How to install a custom theme in Owncloud 10?

Hello world.

I want to customize a few things in my owncloud installation.
Therefore I created a customized theme following the instructions from

It’s a very pretty manual for creating a theme, but I don’t get this theme activated nor installed.
I’ve copied the whole created directory into the apps-Directory. In Owncloud GUI it appeares under deactivated apps. If I try to acrivate it, I get the error: “Theme can’t be enabled since it is not installed.”

How do I install my theme correctly?

Thanks for your help!

Are your theme name and folder name exactly the same, because they have to be.

Otherwise perhaps @cscherm might be able to help?

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I would assume that @eneubauer has the right idea. Please make sure that the name of the theme folder is the same than the <id> inside the ./appinfo/info.xml file.


That’s it! :smile:

Thanks a lot! :+1:

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