How to make an index of/ page from a owncloud link?


I have a client that needs me to organize my owncloud folders and then create a index of/ link. Here is an example of the link I need:
and here is an example of my link:

Can this be done?

And also is it possible for me to change the link name from to for example my name?

Thank you very much in advance from a not very techy person!



Dear kristinetofte,

with you cannot create index pages. To grant a client access you can use Guest Accounts or Public Link Shares.

Changing the URL of your cloud is possible in the format of
If you want me to change your URL please send an email to with your account details.

Florian Lenz
Product Manager

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Thank you for getting back to me!

Since you write that its not possible with Is it possible with another owncloud type? Perhaps the cloud?

I really need to make an index page for my client. A public link is not good enough. Their system needs to be able to do directory browse the images I post in under a certain directory. Is there anyway owncloud allows this? What do I need to do?

This is technically not possible. Sorry.