How to migrate a server to aws + s3

Server configuration

Operating system:CentOS 6.8 (old) Centos 7(new)

Web server:Apache (old) NginX (new)

Database:mysql 5.5 (old) mysql 5.6 (new)

PHP version:php 5.6 (old) php 5.6 (new)

ownCloud version: 9.08 (old) 9.1.4 (new)

I want to migrate the data to a new ownCloud Server with s3 storage. The old ownCloud Server runs on a single Cloud Server with local storage. The new Server is running on a new AWS machine.

So far i tried to copy the data (userdata) to the s3 storage (bucket\users**data**) and mounted the bucket via an admin user. But i cant see the content of the bucket\users\ folder. To reindex the files i ran "sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all", but it didnt find anything new.

How can i migrate the data to the s3 bucket?