How to migrate owncloud from application linux to centos

Dear all,

 How to migrate Owncloud from application Red hat to CentOS by detail.

Existing server
owncloud app.
      - RHEL  7.0
      - owncloud V.8.03

database server
- MySQL V.5.4

New Server
owncloud app.
- CentOS 7
- Owncloud V.10.2
database server
- MySQL V.5.4

Any ideas about that? and Step Migrate .

Please advise!

After setting up your lamp stack on the new server, make sure that you have all apache and php configuration and modules set up exactly like on the original server. Then you should be ready to put your original ownCloud into maintenance mode and copy data and code over (make sure to set the right permissions, SELinux flags, …). Finally restore the database on the new server, update the DNS and take the ownCloud out of maintenance mode. Done.

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