How to migrate safely pwauth users to internal database users

I set up my little family cloud since a while and installed for convinience the pwauth user management. But now I got across some backdraws as the users cannot set an email address nor change the displayed user name.

Is there a safe way to change the user backend for all pwauth users to the internal database keeping all their data like calendars, notes, files, etc.?

I am all new to this forum and it could well be that my
question was already got a solution in some other thread. So don't mind ...

Would appreciate every hint.

(OC 8.2.11)


OC 8.2 is ool. You should consider upgrading to the current version.

This is not really a solution, is't it?. I have good reasons to keep with 8.2.
So what is your proposal?

I think there is no single reason to stick with 8.2:

  1. It is unsupported since May 2017 (even 9.0 is unsupported as well since a few days)
  2. It might contain known bugs and security vulnerabilities
  3. Newer versions of ownCloud (AFAIK 9.0+) could allow you to create new internal users and migrate the data from the pwauth users via the transfer-ownership occ command to those
  4. Probably a lot of more i forgot about

Hi tom42
Point 3 looks like a solution for me. Thanks for this hint.

The reason I am still running 8.2 is that my mini server is a Cubietruck (armfh) with Lubuntu 14.04. Upgrade to 16.04 failed and I struggled a lot with that. But this is prerequisite for OC 9+ as far as I understood.