How to open the console?

I’m using ownCloud for a while, but never had the need to use the console. Now there’s this upgrade and apparently I need the console to upgrade.
I searched the documentation and the central, but didn’t find the answer to the very basic question: How to I get or open the console? I’m sure I’m not using the right search words, but I can’t find it.

I’m using ownCloud on my webhosting (your and I use Mac and Ubuntu at home.
I only use ownCloud as cloud for myself.

Hi Taxicletter,

Check the link doc below that will help you on how to operate console.

Feel free to post further queries if any


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Hi @Taxicletter
Looking at, it seems like the typical shared hoster, which are often incompatible with ownCloud.
If you have access to a full cron, you might be able to run the occ commands using cron.

Otherwise I don’t see a possibility for you to recover from this situation, except making a backup, migrating your setup for example to a local docker container. Upgrading inside the docker container and then migrating the installation back into your shared hoster. (If you’re on Windows or Mac it might be easier just to use a VM instead of docker.)

But this procedure unfortunately goes well above the capabilities of the typical shared hosting user, and is unnecessarily complicated. From the point of view of ownCloud, shared hosting is breaking it by design especially if there is no access to the occ command to be run as the correct user.

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Thank you TerranceM and eneubauer.

I guess if I wansn’t on a shared hoster, I would have to use or Both give a page not found, alltough I can see with ftp both files are there.

Maybe I just do a new installation and move the files back…
Hope there are no upgrades too often :-).

You guess? This is something you should know! From your description it’s very unclear how you run into that situation with the upgrade. Maybe you could give more details?

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Yes, I guess… I don’t even knew what a shared hoster is. (Now I do
I didn’t upgrade yet, I want to, but I can’t because I can’t use the console.

I installed ownCloud by putting the zip on the space where my webdomain is. Unzipping gave me a page from where the installation was configured.

I do realize now that ownCloud demands more knowledge of these things, but up until know, I had no problem using it, with all stupidity I have :-).

In general, you can update your owncloud exactly the same way. Backup is always a good idea.

Don’t bother, as long as it works for you you can go ahead. But please note that there is no warranty that this will work in future.

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