How to properly remove older installation backups created by the updater?

owncloud community edition with root and ftp access to the server.

I cannot find in the forum nor the documentation, how do i properly remove older installation backups created by or from within the updater? manually searching the files on the server, it seems that the entire installation content is copied into an additional folder. I could free up a lot of space by removing backups from older versions that i’ll never go back to, but i do not want to break my latest backup. please advise.

I think this is stored under data/updater-data. Deleting should be no problem.

correct, deleting the folders there is easy enough. I cannot figure out how to run the updater to make sure it is not broken now after the delete. typically i go to settings>admin>general and click ‘update’ when a new version is available, but there is currently not a new version, so the ‘update’ button is not there. I tried entering the url /updater , but it asks for the updater.secret from the config, but that tells me invalid password even though i ftp in to get the correct secret.

I want to make sure the updater is not broken by this deletion now, versus waiting till 10.0.10 comes out.

Why should it? This is old stuff, remaining from previous updates. If in doubt, put the files in a zip-archive and move the archive to a save place.

Hey, if there things missing in the documentation then i think it could make sense to point that out to the documentation writers at

With that everyone could benefit from the information and it won’t get lost in the depth of this forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

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