How to re-enable enterprise subscription after expiration of license key

What happens after the Enterprise / License Key expires?

  • Enterprise apps get disabled (unless there is a grace period)
  • Enterprise apps can not be enabled without a valid license key

How to re-enable the enterprise subscription?

There are several points where you’d be able to set a license key.

  1. config.php
  2. .config.php: You can create custom config php files in the owncloud/config folder. So double-check there are no other files next to the standard config.php, as it would overwrite anything set in the main config file.
  3. In the ownCloud database inside the table oc_appconfig
  4. On newer ownCloud versions (>10.5) you can use the web interface as an admin to set the license key in the config.php and database. However, the web interface is unaware of any additional config files and I have seen it struggle with the DB.

So in order to make sure it is set right everywhere, first make sure the license key is set in the config.php of all web application servers.
Then double-check there is no additional .config.php file overwriting the license key in config.php.
Just set the right key in all of these files.
Run the following mysql query:

SELECT * FROM oc_appconfig WHERE appid = “enterprise_key” AND configkey = “license-key”;

If you get more than one-row output in this select query don’t run the update statement.
If it is wrong update it like so:

UPDATE oc_appconfig SET configvalue = “<new license key without <>>” where appid = “enterprise_key” and configkey = “license-key”;