How to recover an event in calendar that I deleted via CalDav/CardDav by mistake?

Hello everyone,

My owncloud installation is synchronized thanks to DavDroid so I can use owncloud calendar with my android phone via an app called Business Calendar.
But today, I deleted an important event (which is stored on owncloud calendar) by mistake and I don't remember which one was it.
I search everywhere if there were a way to recover deleted event, or get logs of my apps or whatever, but I couldn't find a solution.
Is there a way to recover deleted events please ?
Thank you by advance !



unfortunately here is no such possibility included in ownCloud to restore events (like possible with files). You probably need to revert to your backup before you have deleted that event.

Hi !
Thank you for your answer
Unfortunnately I havn't made a backup before that event, isn't there a way on android to get the logs of what was deleted via CalDav or something like that ?
Thanks again for your help !


then i think the event is mostly lost. There might be some logs in your webservers access log but i doubt that you can restruct / identify the event deleted by your client from that.

Maybe ask the developer of your used Android App if they doing some logging about such events.

It might be nice to have the concept of a "Trash" for calendar and contact entries, as we do for files, from which deleted entries could be retrieved.

Thank you again for replying!
Too bad then :frowning:
Yes it would be nice to have a feature like that :slight_smile: