How to remove "modified date"

Hello Everyone, how are you doing?
Guys, I need some help to fix a situation inside my company.

We are using the owncloud to share among department some docs. This docs usally are at .pdf format.

The situation is that not always that the document is maked (created) is upload to the owncloud. And when this document is upload is showed the information about modified date. The problem is that this “modified date” is doing some problem inside the team because the sync and also the delay to upload the documents.

My question is - How I can remove the id=“fileList” the information of the date?

In attached is possible see what I’m trying say.

In this path /var/www/html/owncloud/apps/systemtags/templates/list.php
is possible remove the data-sort comment or removing this session:

But, the date that i need to remove I’m not found the place to do that.

Thanks for support.

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