How to report spam in blogposts?



it seems has some possibilities of commenting on the posted blog posts there.

Unfortunately i haven’t found any possibility to report spam within these comments so i hope this here is the right place:

On the following blog post a user has posted a comment with a targeted / highly sophisticated spam.

While the comment seems to be ownCloud related the user name / URL points to something like an essay writing service where it looks to me clear that this only has the purpose to advertise for this service.


Why not writing a PM to @lefherz?


The easy answer is that i wasn’t sure / known to who is responsible for maintaining the blog posts :slightly_smiling_face:

One problem i’m seeing here is also that not everyone has this knowledge and an additional account on central to report this.

But maybe the CMS behind the blog post engine is already able to provide a reporting functionality and it isn’t enabled? This would make such reporting way easier and doesn’t require the knowledge where to post this.


Yes, this is true. But the legal stuff, including an email can be found here:


Ah, yes. Never thought about this possibility which is indeed straight forward to report such issues to. :+1:


I’m approving these comments and see this scheme very often, this one slipped. Usually spam like this doesn’t go through. Thanks for noticing!