How to retrieve Folder/files from Deleted User Account whom created the Folder/files

One of our staff just resigned. so we delete his owncloud account.
Next morning we noticed all his shared files gone too.
Is there any way to retrieved his shared folders/files.

Thank you,


When a user is deleted, their files are also deleted. As you can imagine, this is a problem if they created file shares that need to be preserved, because these disappear as well. In ownCloud files are tied to their owners, so whatever happens to the file owner also happens to the files.


There you will also find the info how to create persistent file shares to avoid such issues in the future.

Thank you @RealRancor
I will try create new user for testing purpose.

There is also an occ option to transfer files and folders to another user. Besides deleting you can also disable a user via occ.