How to run php script in own cloud server

Hi Guys,

I have configured owncloud server and run php from mac cmd.

When I was trying to run http://localhost:8888/index.php ( contains just echo "here" ) ... it always showing server folder structure ..( redirect ).

How I will run a pure php file through browser and run it ..

Please help.

I wonder how this is related to owncloud? Issues with php files are more or less an issue of your setup or webserver i guess.

Hi Tom, Thanks for your reply.

I was trying to run index.php within owncloud folder. It means, like xampp, we keep all our files within htdocs and run file using browser like localhost://owncloud/index.php..

I am trying to learn how we can do it here.. I am still in learning phase ...

Still, I don't know the exact way or we can't do it .. :frowning:

I think you're mixing here something as it looks to me that you think owncloud is a webserver which is capable of running .php files.

I got you but trying to run any .php file in the browser.
Now only folder structure is showing up.

Any idea or suggestion ...

I guess your webserver is not correctly configured to process such php files. Maybe ask the support of your webserver for help?

Sure ..let me find out the way!

what system is your server? Mac is not supported!

You need a running webserver (apache or nginx) with php first.

Thanks Tfiidd for your reply.

MAMP is running in MAC. I placed owncloud folder inside htdocs.

When I run "http://localhost:8888/owncloud/" in browser .. it is showing folder list after owncloud login page.

I tried to remove all files and folder and just kept index.php ( "echo 'For Testing'"), it showed me the folder structure rather than 'For Testing' in the browser.

Believe, I need some configuration for display in the browser.

I don't think that you should run owncloud on a MAC. If you still want to do that you really should seek for some help from the support of that MAMP thing.

Ok Tom .. let me try in ubuntu.

You might have a look here:

As far as I can see they offer you ownCloud on MAMP out of the box there/

Thanks, Lavachequirit.

I followed

Fixed the issue..

I can see "Hello World" in the browser using the URL "http://localhost:8081/demo/".

I will seat later to check how I can fix the issue with owncloud own apps..
Some configuration issue I guess..

I am using Bitnami's MAMP Apps.

Not sure about that .please ask in the forum ..Sorry, I am still in learning phase!!