How to set limit for a number of file upload to OwnCloud at a time

Dont Know if this is the right place to post the question but i'm stuck here , need help

I'm having a problem that how can i set a limit number for quality of file upload to OwnCloud at a time ?
I means i'm the admin and i want to set an limit for user , they can only upload 3 file at a time in OwnCloud

Sorry for my English , it's just my secondary .

Thanks so much

There is no such configuration possibility in ownCloud at this time.

However you might be able to achieve what you're looking for on webserver level. Maybe you can find some information when doing some research on your favorite search engine concerning this topic.

what ? no such configuration possiblity for this ? my teacher ask me to do so, what i have to do now ? i'm too tired with this , what should i do :frowning:

ah i forgot, if it do no such configuration for what i asked , so is there any way to set limit file for client ? they can only upload whenever they want but not exceed 5 file ?

Did you read the answer of kljhlkhglklfgh? You still have to search and read yourself, if not feel free to subscribe to the paid enterprise version ( where they could help you a bit more with individual implementations.

On client-side there is an environment variable to control that:

I understand now , sorry my english is bad , i cant understand smoothly :smiley: