How to set password for my files

Hi, all

I have installed the owncloud 10.0 and it works well.
Now I have a problem. After I upload my files or directions, how to encrypted with a password?
I would like to save some files with password and some does not so that no one can see the files with password even he log in using my account.

I think that is a simple feature. But I can not find where to make this. Anyone helps? Thank you.


would you like to encrypt your files or set a password for some files and the other files could be accessible as usual?

If you want encryption - here is how to do it.

You can't put a password on some folders in owncloud.

What you could do - and this is a workaround - is put the folder you want to protect with the password on an external storage, connect to that storage in owncloud, and save the credentials in session. So you will see the folder in your files, but if you want to open that folder, you will be asked to enter the credentials. If only you know the credentials - only you will be able to see the content of that folder.

ownCloud is not designed to work in scenarios where people share the same password.

If you want to work on some common projects, best is to make a separate account for everyone and create a folder that you share with all these users.

The above was my answer to your post before you edited it.

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I would like to set a password for some files or folders in my account rather than encrypt them with some technical algorithm.

If I put my folders in an external storage, the credential is which I used to log in the external storage server.I dont want to make it complex.

Thank you for your reply.

In fact, I do create a lot of accounts for everyone. However, I still want to set a password with some of my files or folders in case where I have to share my account.

How about an extra account just for your hidden files?

Sometimes I have to share my account to others.

And I can not generate a new account for no reason course I make the owncloud for our company not just for myself.

You can tell this is a security account, and you can't share this account because it's classified :slight_smile:

lol. I can't do this.

Stil, thank you for your advice.

So there is no way to set password for my folders?

Yes, currently there is no way

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Thank you.
By the way, can I ask a question about encryption?

When should I use the encryption feature? I read the configure guide you post before. I find that when I enable the encryption, all files will be encrypted in the server side, is that right?
Since I install the owncloud by myself (which means I have all privilege to control the server side), there is no need to enable encryption feature. Am I understand correctly?

Thank you again.

Yes, I would not recommend using encryption.