How to share files to all accounts?

How to share my files to all accounts?
Do I have to add all accounts in a new group? If so, how to add all accounts to a new group quickly?

Thank you.

Creating a group for all your users and share with this group is the way to go.

If using the WebUI is not handy enough (quite likely :wink: ) you can look into the occ commands.


Thank you for your reply.

I check the link you post.
Still, I need to type all the user accounts in the command line. "--member XXX". When I need to add more than half an thousand users, it is not very efficient..

  • get all users in json: ./occ --output=json user:list
  • convert json into bash and call ./occ group:add-member -m ..... for each of them

Good idea.

Thank you.