How to share only ONE caledndar to iCal Mac OS Sierra?

Dear All,

Here is my configuration
Owncloud 8.1
Mac Os Sierra 12.2

I need to share only INE of my THREE calendars

What I can do is share ALL my calendars in one go via

What I would like to do is share only ONE calendar among my THREE calendars
Logically, it should be

But, MacOS Siarra will look for himself (and change the path itself)

And so shares all my calendars, which is not suitable :slight_smile:

A big thank-you !

Hi all !

Nobody knows how to fix this ?

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There is nothing to fix here. Just disable / unselect the calendars you don't want to see in your calendar client on Mac OS.

Do you mean if I have to share my professional calendars with my collegauges, i give them my codes and ALL my calendars, including the personal ones ?

Thx !

Ah, now i understand your problem. You mean share to "other" users?

If UserA exists and has the URL you're not supposed to give out that URL to UserB (you would also need to give your password to that user).

If you want to share a calendar from UserA to UserB then the following needs to be done:

  1. UserA goes to the calendar app and shares that specific calendar to UserB
  2. UserB goes to the calendar app and should see the new calendar shared by UserA
  3. UserB gets this new calendar at

Sounds great !
I’ll try it asap !

My very best