How to share with personal groups?

I have enabled the Contacts app for creating personal groups.
But how the hell do you share with one of your own personal groups? They never appear in share fields, and it's not possible to share by link typing the group name.
Maybe I'm missing something, but what's the purpose to create personal groups if one can't use them?

Ex: In Contacts, I create 2 users, and assign them to a "TestSTJ" group.
Then I want to share a file with everyone in the "TestSTJ" personal group.
How do I do this?
Thanks for any light shed on my question mark.

I doubt that this is supposed to work like this. These users are just "contacts", if you want to share e.g. files within ownCloud you need internal / system users.

custom groups in the files area will come with ownCloud 10.0

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