How to simplify public link creation process

I use ownCloud 10.0.3

To create public link I have to:

  1. click on share icon near the file
  2. click on button "Public Links" on right pannel
  3. click on button "Create Public Link"
  4. click on "Save" button on pop-up overlay window with name and expiration status
  5. and then click on a tiny clipboard icon to "Copy to clipboard"

On OwnCloud 9 I had to click "share" icon (first step) and it was done.

Is there any way to simplify public link creation process and to reduce click process?
I read manual, server configuration and discussions on this site, but didn't find something close to my request.

I don't think so.

The complication of the process is the solution to users requests, I would assume.

Thats the usual progress of functions. First there is a function, then people issue some concerns about security or want more options, then the function becomes more complicated and thats the way it goes.

Also, in OC 9 you have to click the share button and then share link and then you have to click in the link address to copy it.
Of course its a lot fewer steps as in OC 10, but I don't think you can simplify it.

Thank you Dmitry, I understand about the balance between functionality and simplicity, but just wonder is there any way to make it the way I want if I prefer specific thing.