How to synchronize all user's folders with local file server



We need to have local copy of user folder/files on local server (W2012R2). The idea is to synchronize ownCloud contents for all users with local copy on serv.
1. When user will upload anything we want it to be stored on local server.
2. When oure accounting will generate some doc file and store it on users folder on local server we want it to be synchronized with ownCloud and be visible by user after he/she has logged in.
3. User must get e-mail with info about new file on OC.
I can synchronize OC data folder both ways via ftp automaticaly but files are not indexed and are not visible in user frontend and no notification is done.
External storage could be but we would have to create external connection i admin panel foe every single user.
Any ideas?

Sorry for my english.



If your owncloud users authenticate against your server (using ldap, imap, or smb auth), or if you set them up with the same usernames and passwords that they have in AD, then you should be able to create a single network share that grants access to users using their network credentials.

When creating the new external storage connection, select 'Log-in credentials, save in session' instead of 'username and password'.

If this won't work, you'll need to not only sync the files, you'll need to have owncloud re-scan them, too:
sudo -u www-data /var/www/owncloud/occ files:scan --all

I'm doing this with owncloud on Ubuntu 14.04 with a Windows 2012R2 server. In my case I'm also using IMAP auth, with my mail server configured to authenticate local users against active directory.

  • owncloud users have only their own network rights to the external shared locations.
  • In owncloud I've granted access only to specific owncloud groups -- this allows me to control which windows users will have access to the share in owncloud (but I could make them available to everyone)


Thanks for reply.
I have made synchronization and authentication. Number of users are not employes and they don't have acces to AD.
Files are synchronized via ftp and storage is set to local on hosted server.
This works fine, but...
Is there any way to make email to be sent after new file will be stored i users forlder?
Example: Accountig saves pdf invoice in user's folder on local file server. File is synchronized via ftp with ownCloud (it works fine) and .... system is sending email like "You have new file in your cloud space" or something like this.
Now my problem is how to make email notification about new files.



for the e-mail topic please create a new thread. I'm closing this thread as your initial question about the file sync seems to be solved. Other questions needs to be discussed in own threads for the reasons explained here: