How to test feature of new apps that I developed

I am developed a to-do list apps for owncloud. I already done code and i wanna test the function of the apps but I don’t know how to test feature whether it work or not. Any suggestion? Help Me…

Who can have a clue what to test on an unknown app? This is beyond my imagination!

I am doing to-do list apps. I done with code and how i should i do to test to-do list apps? Where i should do the testing on the owncloud server on linux? When I tried on owncloud server in ubuntu, it shown that app not installed? If not installed, how to installed the apps that i just finished?

Eg. by copying the app to the apps folder on the owncloud server.

todolist can’t be enabled since it is not installed

Yes, of course. You cannot enable what is not installed. Maybe the installation failed?

Does code signing need for my apps that still in development process?

No, it’s optional, unless you want to distribute via marketplace.

What the meaning of “Signature data not found” ?

It means, that owncloud couldn’t locate any signature in one of your apps. It’s a warning, the unsigned app can be used anyway.

Afaik, your app_id and folder name of the app should be same. It could be the reason of the error. if you share the code repo, we can help you better.

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