How to upgrade your ownCloud 9.1 appliance to the current version in only 2 steps

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You still run an ownCloud 9.1 appliance? There are plenty of new features available in ownCloud X. Time to migrate to our new appliance!

Welcome to part 4 of our appliance how-to series. After we covered

we will now show how to migrate the ownCloud 9.1 Univention appliance to the new ownCloud X Univention appliance. This will also upgrade your ownCloud to the latest version.

Before ownCloud X was released in April 2017, we had a long history of different appliances. Bob Boule built the first appliance from a CentOS. Jürgen Weigert and Daniel Hansson rebuilt it to support more hypervisors, back in 2015. And then of course there is docker.

A huge step forward was the ownCloud 9.1 appliance – it was the first appliance which contained the full advantages of a UCS server. Apart from being able to install and integrate different Univention apps, UCS offers very good backup and restore functionality.

Now, the ownCloud X Univention appliance is the only appliance we recommend and maintain. So the ownCloud 9.1 appliance is now outdated. You should migrate to the new ownCloud X Univention appliance – ownCloud 9 is EOL.

ownCloud X has brought a big step forward to ownCloud since its introduction. With ownCloud 9.1, you miss out on a lot of new features – and, most important, security updates.

It’s easy to migrate the appliance, as we streamlined everything. All the important contents of the previous Univention app – the data, config, database – will be kept.

Step 1: Uninstall Old Univention App

First you have to uninstall the old Univention app. Your data, shares, and users will remain, because they are stored outside the container and will later be sideloaded by the new one.

In the Univention Management interface, go to “Installed Applications”. You will see your existing ownCloud Univention app.

Click on it to go to the app settings page. Here you can uninstall the app. Click Ok and wait a minute while it uninstalls the app. All the necessary data is kept. Now you can install the new Univention app.

Step 2: Install New Univention App

Now you have to install the new Univention app. In the app center, search for “ownCloud” and choose the new ownCloud Univention app. At the bottom of the app view, you can look which version will get installed.

Now you can click on Install. This process will take a some time, and you will have to click “OK” twice, to accept the aGPL free software license, and at a later point to continue.

Afterwards, your new ownCloud will be running with the latest version. Your data, users, and shares will be restored. Have fun with ownCloud X!

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