How to upload ALL images?



Using the latest iOS app (3.5.2) and the freshly-installed latest server (9.1.2) I still can not have all of my photos be automatically uploaded to my server.

I turned the "Instant Upload" on under "Settings" for both photos and videos -- without any obvious effect. (The background Instant Upload remains disabled, because I don't want to turn on location services.)

I can upload any picture by explicitly hitting it, but I can not upload them all at once for some reason. Please, advise.


Currently in progress. Thanks for your input!


Still "in progress" two month later? With both iOS-client and the server upgraded to the latest, the automatic uploads still do not work...


Yes. 3.5.3 just shipped focused on some bug fixes and quick enhancements. It is in the 3.5.4 milestone for iOS.