How to version files at occ file:scan operation?

I've found OC is very useful to backup git repositories etc. in the server. Just copy the files and use occ file:scan. And we can get automatically the backups in each local PC.
But just for my curiousity, how can i make versions of these files ? These files will be just replaced and doesn't leave any version or anything in the trashbin.

here are some information about versions and how you can configure it in your config.php file.

To my understanding a new version of the same file gets made every time it is changed.

@dmitry Thanks for the info. I've got the answer to the another question how I can get rid of older versions. But that is not answer to the original question how I can do versioning when I use oss file:scan. Thanks anyway.


i don't think that the occ files:scan works with versions as you're expecting it. From what i know this command also shouldn't be used on a regular base to add new files to ownCloud.

@tom42 Thanks for the comment. Shouldn't be used regulary? So what I should do is installing client into the server machine connecting itself ? It should work but that strategy needs extra disk space for the client. Thanks anyway.

From what i know you should always use the WebDAV interface of ownCloud for such operations. I think that can be used by the sync client of ownCloud or any other client able to speak WebDAV.

@tom42 Thank you for the comment. We've made it work as completetly we expected using webdav.
We explains how to do that in the following page (latter half of the page). Sorry it's in Japanese.