Howto allow LDAP users to set email address when directory has no email address set


Total newbie so my apologies if I have missed how to do this but Is there any way that an LDAP user can set their email address manually as a normal non-LDAP user can under Personal?

Expected behaviour
Email address not set in LDAP so email address field should be editable under Email address in Personal page.

Actual behaviour
Our AD LDAP does not have the email address set so it shows as No email address set under Personal but the LDAP user can not edit it.

Many thanks for your help.


Server configuration
Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
Web server: Apache 2.4.18
Database: 10.0.28
PHP version: 7.0.8
ownCloud version :9.1.3
Fresh install
Special configuration: LDAP App enabled using Windows 2008 R2 server Active Directory