Https problem apache error

First apologize for my English.
Now I tell you my problem:
I have owncloud 10.10.0 installed, on an orangePI, with an external storage of 130 Gbytes. Everything works perfect except when I try to mount the https, now it works with http. Every time I try to configure https, apache2 breaks, I think the problem is with the FQDN.
I have not contracted a domain… I connect from abroad with a ddns service (no-ip). In linux I put the command “hostname --fqdn”, it gives me the name of the machine.
Is that the one I have to put in the fqdn or do I have to put the address of my ddns provided by no-ip ???

Thank you

You can add an entry inside /etc/hosts file in the below mentioned format

Restart Apache service post changes and then check.

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