HTTPS Setup for external access

Hi Guys,

For the life of me, I cannot get HTTPS reverse proxy working.
I installed the official Docker image of ownCloud on my Unraid server.
I made a DB with the docker image MariaDB. All that works fine. ownCloud opens at my local IP

Now here’s the real issue. I created my reverse proxy using the Docker image NGINX Proxy Manager.
I have Heimdal working perfectly with NGINX Proxy Manager. ownCloud work perfectly ONLY WITH HTTP! This is clearly an issue since I plan on having ownCloud available from external network.
Anytime I try to set the reverse proxy to HTTPS, I get an error around the line of “can’t process the request” or “page unavailable” (I can confirm the error once I’m back home from work)

I have tried to add ovewriteprotocol => https and overwriteurl(or wtv, I can’t remember off the top) =>

I’m running out of ideas to what the issue could be. I am reinstalling Unraid and redoing the whole setup (MariaDB, ownCloud and NGINX Proxy Manager) in hopes of fixing the issue.

Am I missing anything or doing anything wrong??

Just check all logs of the involved parts. First the proxy, is it showing error message you could chuck into a search engine. If not make sure the traffic get’s routed correctly to the ownCloud server. Make sure it is actually showing up in the logs.

Especially since you have already set the proxy configuration for ownCloud, I would suspect your proxy configuration over the ownCloud configuration as the root cause for your issue.

Finally here is the official documentation for reverse proxy configuration:

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This is what I get when my reverse proxy is set to HTTPS. But as soon as I set it to HTTP, everything works.

NVM I feel like an idiot. I just noticed that ownCloud transfers the requests from HTTP to HTTPS even tho my proxy is set to HTTP. So I guess everything is working as supposed to.

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